2021 Recital Series

At Noon Tuesdays in April, July and October
Half-hour recital 


     Music.  It is the one common theme that every culture, over the entire span of time, enjoys and participates in.  From our earliest ancestors, to Arctic Eskimos, to Amazonian tribes, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, all people sing, listen or play music.  We use music to wake our astronauts in the deepest reaches of space.  We listen and sing by ourselves in our cars or showers and together as communities.  It is said to calm the most savage of beasts.

     Come share music with us at First Lutheran in Johnstown.  Be inspired and rejuvenated.  Meet with us on Tuesdays at noon.

Fill your soul with music.

                Come. Listen. Be Inspired. 
                                                                                       --Tom Roberts, former FLC Council VP



The First Lutheran recital series receives
state arts funding support through a grant from the
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded
by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the National
Endowment of the Arts, a federal agency.

The recital series is regularly                                                 
supported by:                                                                                                                                     
* The Carolyn Walker Music Fund
* Contributors at lunch after each recital

Community Foundation's Role
Over the past several years the
Community Foundation for the
Alleghenies has contributed $20,000
toward rebuilding the 3,000-pipe
Skinner organ.

Watch for details on the July 2021 Recitals

Recital Kudos:


George Fattman notes, “Today we concluded our April (2019) recital series with an exquisite piano recital by Harriett Miller. I don't know of a recital that I enjoyed more.”

          “People are still talking about the quality of the Vox Nova performance. (It is being compared favorably vs. the IUP Chorale, which sang around the same time at First Presbyterian.) The GJHS Jazz Band and the IUP organists also were excellent.” 

          “The series would not work without lunch. So we greatly appreciate the volunteers who shop for food and prepare and serve lunch, then clean up.”


Eric Pfeil, Director of Bands at GJHS writes, “Thank you again for this opportunity to return.  We had a blast.”


Nancy Way, Director of Vox Nova writes,

“Thank you again for the gracious invitation and response to our recital. Best of luck with the series.  Always a pleasure to work with you and First Lutheran.”